Reality Star ‘So Hood’ Beat Down at Twista/Gucci Mane Show

Andrew Barber 0

*cues up “I’m So Hood”*

What? You thought the Drake concert was the only show in town last weekend?  Pfft!  It turns out the Twista and Gucci Mane show had it’s fair share of entertainment as well, including a female “reality television star” I’ve never heard of, catching a 60 second beat down, for making some comments about the Pinky/Twista pregnancy situation.  You can’t make this stuff up, people.

And as always, I don’t condone fighting or violence of any sort, but how does something like this even happen? It blew the lid off my ridiculousness thermometer.

Wednesday May 20, 2009 (Chicago, IL)- So Hood, who appeared on VH1’s reality show Real Chance of Love, was assaulted on Saturday May 16th in Dolton, Il at a radio-station sponsored concert featuring Twista and Gucci Mane.

The reality television star made joked about recent allegations regarding Twista impregnating porn star, Pinky, and was attacked by members of the crowd. Security was quick to respond to the situation and So Hood walked away from the situation more or less unharmed.

There has been no comment by So Hood regarding the situation as of this time.

Other occurrences at the concert later in the night also led to local police getting involved and tasing a few unruly concert goers.