YP feat. J.Ivy, Rashid Hadee & Griffen – “Wack MCs” [Unfinished]

Andrew Barber 0

Some subliminals and not-so-subliminals on here.  Ahoy!

The full version of this song features a lineup of YP, Mikkey Halsted, Mick Luter, J. Ivy, Rashid Hadee, Griffen & Gutta.  However, this first leak only features about half of the starting team.

I’m not 100% sure when the full, finished version will be out, but this is more than enough to tide me over until them.

Big shouts to Gene, who was nice enough to transcribe some of the choice quotables on this one:

Griffen-“Sound of the underground/the lightning and thunder now/im comn thru unannounced/clearing muthafuckas out/GRIFFEN/What the radio been missing/instead they spinning lames all on they phones kissing”

YP-“Rappers sound the same when u listening nowadays/they either flip caine or they sayin what Wayne say/they try to flip the words or they say em the same way/and every other week they got A BRAND NEW MIXTAPE/YP/bitch im nuts like payday/when i spit it n****z think of good times like JJ”

Rashid-“I start and stop em/U wack with them bars u droppin/WACK LIKE CHARLES FROM HARLEM/Callin out the wack when i see it/You wack just believe it/Yall n****z wack for no reason/Let me hush/this is something you’re not used to/Before we change the name from wack mc’s to wack producers”

J. Ivy-“BIG said it best/dumb rappers need teaching/thats the reason the poet is speaking/street preaching/reaching/like jabs no punches/this is 1 take/run the tape/i run the table/i see you wit ya bag lunches!”

YP feat. J.Ivy, Rashid Hadee & Griffen – “Wack MCs” [Unfinished]