Bump J feat. Kanye West & Sly Polaroid – Top This [No DJ]

Andrew Barber 0

Some of you may be familiar with this track, as it was featured on DJ Drama and Bump J’s Chicagorilla Gangsta Grillz mixtape a few years ago.  It’s 3:22 of pure lyrics as Kanye, Bumpy and Sly all go in on The Game’s “Put You On The Game” instrumental.  A No DJ version of this track has never surfaced until now, so here’s the real version, sans any of Drama’s drops and/or sound effects. 

This was recorded back when Bump and the Goon Squad were working closely with ‘Ye and G.O.O.D. Music.  There are more collabos from these two that have yet to surface, so hopefully some will be liberated soon.  If you aren’t familiar with this joint be sure to download it immediately.  They all snap.

Kanye: “Got calls ‘bout ‘Diamonds’ from Nas and Jay on the same day”

Bump J: “Come up off that fetty, take a n**** jewels then walk right past him with ‘em on the next day”

Sly P: “Chief gave me a hundred thou and told me to fall back”

Bump J feat. Kanye West & Sly Polaroid – Top This [No DJ]

courtesy of the Boogz Vaults