Jay-Z Concert Ticket Giveaway Part 2

Andrew Barber 0

You know the drill.  First one with the answer gets the tix.  By the way, Fabolous was JUST added to the bill yesterday, so that should give you even more of a reason to cop tix if you don’t win.

Please send all answers to my email address (top right corner for any of those who DON’T know it, or can’t find it) with the Subject: Andrew Barber Has The Best Contests.

1.)  Name the first record where Jay-Z and Big L collabed, and name the album in which it appeared.

2.) Jay-Z, Shyheim and ODB were on what record together?  Whose record was it?

3.) Who got stabbed for “allegedly” leaking Vol. III: The Life & Times of S. Carter?

Ready. Set. Go