Mixtape: Drunken Monkeee – Live from Tweak Central

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Man, the Drunken Monkeee is too much.  Over the past few days I’ve been talking to him over email, text and phone (pause?) and his messages were too much.  First he told me he was gonna “rob me with two twinkies” and he signs every text and email with: “love, peace and fat girls”, “fat girls and chicken wings”, or just simply “fat girls”.  Ha!

Anyway, his new mixtape is here, so I’ll let Monkeee do the explaining on this one:

Live from the planet of “Tweak Central”, it’s Chicago’s Wildest Drunken Monkeee
love,peace,and fatgirls. It’s nice to see you all and i do hope all is well for you and your family as we speak, i would like to thank you for supporting me and my “Tweak Central” movement for all of these years, thank you for taking time to help spread my feel good virus by coming to shows,buying my music,and just loving me for the character God bless me to me. Now i want to give you something that i feel is from the bottom of my heart and it been a long time since i bless you with some eardrum medicine. Now Drunken Monkeee Presents…..”Live From Tweak Central”The Mixtape featuring all new music from me like
“Jungle Music”,and the head-banging Anthem “Orangutan”, the Mixtape also include music from Chicago’s brightest Underdogs Such as Bijou, Christine Marie, Blah Blah Blah, ILL-LEgit , Neo.com, Blackdaylight, The High Channel, Professor Gorilla Dickens and more. Once you dowload this album for free

Prepare to to take a trip thru this Electronic,Hip Hop,Nu-Jazz,and House musical fusion brought to you by Chicago’s favorite space cadet Drunken Monkeee. It’s always nice talking to you and i pray you all have stress free year until then i’m Chicago’s Wildest

the Man,
the Myth,
the Legend
Drunken MOnkeee
Drunken Monkeee – Live from Tweak Central