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Video: Reno Chinati in the Studio with Do or Die & Amilcar

| June 27, 2009 | 0 Comments

Working on the remix for Reno’s “You Wanna Be”.

Free Belo!

Video: Lupe Fiasco's Michael Jackson Tribute

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Last night at show at the Chicago Theatre. I did not go. Did anyone out there check it out? I heard he had some special guests come through. Any truth to that?

via Sean

Update: I hear GemStones was in the house last night

Twista – "Birthday"

| June 26, 2009 | 0 Comments

If you’ll remember, I went to the video shoot for this all the way back in March (yikes!).  At the time I was told this was produced by Swizz Beatz, but come to find out it was actually done by Marlin Hookman Bonds Productions.

I wasn’t familiar either.

Anyhoo, here’s another leak from Twista’ upcoming album Category F5, coming July 14th.

Twista – “Birthday”

Shouts to OnSmash

Previously: Twista – “Birthday” (Behind the Scenes)

Mixtape: Yung Berg – Back 2 Business

| June 26, 2009 | 0 Comments

What, you didn’t think you were going to get a Berg mixtape this week?  Of course you were!  In honor of his upcoming reality television show (I need to get the trailer up) airing on *****, Berg drops a mixtape of the same name.

Download a FREE copy now.

Yung Berg – Back 2 Business 

1. Yung Berg – Back 2 Business Intro (0:23)
2. Yung Berg – Air Forces (2:23)
3. Yung Berg – Gettin Money (3:05)
4. Yung Berg – Perfect Timing (4:10)
5. Yung Berg feat Drake – Bring it Back (Hustlers Anthem) (3:50)
6. Yung Berg feat Hot Dollar – Whats Happening (3:43)
7. Yung Berg – Fucking You (3:17)
8. Yung Berg – She Swallowin Me (2:52)
9. Yung Berg – I’ll Be Right Back (2:47)
10. Yung Berg feat Ludacris & Young Jeezy – Drinkin N Drivin (285) (2:37)
11. Yung Berg – Every Girl Remix (2:38)
12. Yung Berg – All 4 You (3:36)
13. Yung Berg – Icebox Remix (2:19)
14. Yung Berg feat Casely – Autopilot (3:31)
15. Yung Berg feat Casha – Thats My Baby (3:31)
16. Yung Berg feat Drake – I’m Still Fly (3:00)
17. Yung Berg – Favorite Girl (3:19)
18. Yung Berg – Swagger Up (2:58)
19. Yung Berg – So Fresh (2:37)
20. Yung Berg feat Hot Dollar, Pitbull & K Young – All Night Long (3:57)
21. Yung Berg – All My Life (3:10)
22. Yung Berg – Yung Berg Outro (6:26)
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Cyphernauts feat. Common – "Cryogenic"

| June 26, 2009 | 0 Comments

Chicago Hip Hop luminary O Type Star is deep in the Windy City music scene, and goes back quite a few years.  I know his vaults are filled with many of Chicago gems, and today he shares with us one of his best.

Now, some of you may be familiar with this track…It’s been on a few obscure Common compilations and collections, but is still very hard to find and remains mostly unheard by the masses.

Says O Type Star:

I produced this one. Cyphernauts was an all-star project I put togetherwith Mr. Greenweedz, JUICE and Akbar. “Cryogenic” is a remix of a song called “Fresh Rhymes”.

Be sure to check out O Type as he’s hosting the Lupe Fiasco concert tonight at the Chicago Theatre.  Details here.

Cyphernauts feat. Common – “Cryogenic”

Video: Wildstyle (of Crucial Conflict) Interview with Takeover TV (Part 1)

| June 26, 2009 | 0 Comments

J-Real from Takeover TV sits down with Wildstyle from the legendary Chicago hip-hop group Crucial Conflict to chat about his latest mixtape, Natural Disaster, as well as his upcoming solo album.

It’s good to see Cru Con back at it.

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Amilcar – "Eyes Wide Shut" x Sean Mac & DJ Drama – "Intro"

| June 26, 2009 | 0 Comments

Here are the first official leaks from Sean Mac & DJ Drama’s upcoming mixtape, Midwest Detox 3.0.  Look for the mixtape to be dropping soon.  Here we get a new heater from Amilcar, as well as the intro from Sean Mac and Barack O’Drama.

Amilcar – “Eyes Wide Shut” (Prod. by Nascent)

Sean Mac & DJ Drama – “Intro”

Rhymefest Speaks on Michael Jackson x Man In The Mirror Dedication Album

| June 26, 2009 | 0 Comments

After the shocking death of the King of Pop yesterday, many fans were left with an empty feeling in their stomach, and found it hard to come to grips with how such an icon could die, seemingly out of nowhere. 

I felt the same way, trust me.  It’s almost surreal to believe MJ is actually gone.  But we’re here to celebrate his life and the accomplishments he made with breaking race barriers in popular music. 

One of MJ’s biggest fans, Rhymefest, who dropped his Man in the Mirror dedication album in late ’07, dropped by FSD to leave his thoughts on the greatest entertainer of all time.  And we figured it was only right to repost Man in the Mirror, for those of you who slept the first time.

El Che:

 “People like to refer to MJ as the King of Pop. I disagree. I think many of us realize he was the King of Music, redefining the way many artists approach their craft; whether it be Hip-Hop, soul, R&B, blues, pop and rock. Please download MAN IN THE MIRROR and recapture his misunderstood beauty.” – Rhymefest

Rhymefest – Man in the Mirror

Pugs Atomz feat. The Primeridian – "Dawayne & Whitley" (Prod. by Mulatto Patriot)

| June 26, 2009 | 0 Comments

Here’s a new track from Pugslee featuring Simeon and Race, and was produced by the Patriot.

The track comes courtesy of Microsoft and Reverbnation.  Nice corporate look, Pugs!

 Pugs Atomz feat. The Primeridian – “Dawayne & Whitley” (Prod. by Mulatto Patriot)

Shouts to Mr. X

Chali 2na Concert Ticket Giveaway – June 27th

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I’ve got 5 PAIRS of Chali 2na tickets to giveaway today on FSD.  He’s having a post-Rock The Bells show at the House of Blues (back porch stage) at 9:30pm.

So after you hit Rock The Bells (buy discounted tickets HERE), stop by the H.O.B. for Charli 2na.  If you aren’t lucky enough to win tix, be sure to pick them up here.

Okay, so for the contest, this is what I need from you.

1.) I need to send me an email with the Subject: Charli 2na Contest

2.) Make sure you leave your real name, so I can give it to the people at Will Call (where you’ll be picking up your tickets)

3.) Answer this question: What group was Charli Tuna in, and name all the members.

Ready, set, go.