June 2009


Xtreme – Michael Jackson Interpretations

Chicago-Producer Xtreme (for those not from Chicago, he did Ghostface & Ne-Yo’s “Back Like That”) is doing his part to contribute to the legacy of The King of Pop with his Michael Jackson Interpretations.

He’s decided to share two of his favorite Michael Jackson instrumentals, which he flipped and made his own.  Due to sample clearance headaches and what not, these will probably never officially be released, but he’s offering them up to the FSD readers, emcees, etc to do what they’d like with them.  Feel free to make your own songs or spit your verses over them, and if they’re dope, I’ll definitely post.

These are both knockin’, by the way.

Xtreme – “ABC”

Xtreme – “Never Say Goodbye”

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