Gatorade & St. Alfred Honor Michael Jordan

Andrew Barber 0

On Monday night St. Alfred & Gatorade invited FSD to be a part of a Gatorade commercial entitled “Then. Now. Forever” honoring Michael Jordan’s induction to the Hall of Fame.

23 people were selected to place the final Gatorade bottles on this gigantic Michael Jordan mosaic piece on the corner of 18th & South State Street.  Scottie Pippen, Bill Wennington and Jackie Joyner-Kersee were also on hand to contribute to the 19,000 bottles that completed the MJ piece. 

via Yahoo Sports:

A street art tribute to Michael Jordan made out of 19,000 Gatorade bottles, including the new Gatorade Limited Edition Jordan Series, glows on a basketball court Monday on Chicago’s South Side. Local Jordan fans and longtime Jordan teammate Scottie Pippen helped construct the mosaic, which Gatorade organized as a way to celebrate Jordan’s Hall of Fame career.

After the commercial wrapped, the guests were treated to a dinner and an after-party hosted by Gatorade, which featured dinner, drinks, pop-a-shot, Michael Jordan collectors t-shirts – and Biz Markie on the 1’s and 2’s.

Big shouts to Krabby and the St. Alfred staff as well as the good folks at Gatorade.

Ruby Hornet also has a dope write up and a whole slew of pictures from the event, so head over there to check out their coverage as well.