Mikkey Halsted – “Chi-Town Streets”

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“Don’t be stupid your whole life…”

This song is crazy.  It’s going to be featured on the upcoming IllRoots.com collabo with K-Salaam & Beatnik, which drops Tuesday.

I’ll let RTC tell it

Late last year I got a call from K-Salaam of the production force that is K-Salaam and Beatnick. What was on K’s mind was the fierce emcee ability of Chicago’s Mikkey Halsted, who he re-discovered through posts on RubyHornet. It certainly wasn’t the first call I received about Mikkey, who had caught the attention of various people we knew from NYC, LA and elsewhere. “He’s one of the best rappers alive right now…easily” K told me. “It’s crazy that he’s not more well-known, but then again it’s not because of how corny
the game is right now.”

At the time of the inquiry, K-Salaam and Beatnick were putting together their Imeem/IllRoots release Where The Streets Have No Name and wanted to include Mikkey on the album not just for his ability, but also because his subject matter. Halsted has gained quite a reputation as an emcee with this pen constantly in his notepad, and his eyes and ears constantly tuned into what is happening not just in the streets of Chicago, but throughout the world. It was only right to marry K-Salaam and Beatnick’s production with
the words of Mikkey Halsted. Thus, on a cold winter night, “Chi-Town Streets” was born. Recorded at SoundScape studios, and made complete with additional vocals by Khari Lemeuel, the song will appear on Where The Streets Have No Name, and RH has the official world premiere. Hear it first below.

Mikkey Halsted – “Chi-Town Streets”