No ID Speaks on Creating “D.O.A.” with Jay-Z

Andrew Barber 0

In an interview with , No ID speaks on how he, Jay-Z, Kanye, Young Guru and Don Chi (Don Chi Chi?) Don C dreamed up the concept for Jigga’s latest smash, “Death of Autotune” Let’s talk about the D.O.A record, the Jay-Z record that everyone is talking about. What was the thought process behind the record? How did it come together?

NO ID: Actually we were all in Hawaii. It’s actually a pretty good story. There was a debate going on in the studio and some of the main components were Timbaland, Kanye, Jay, Guru, Don Chi, I was in there, and some others and there was a Dj in there. And we were just going over all the records and talking about the sonic direction of the project. And somehow it got to one of the Dj’s saying that Jay needed a record that can hit the kids like Soulja Boy does. And the conversation went a little further and then Don Chi was like..I don’t know about that. And Jay was even like he didn’t know about that. And in that climate I had that beat in my computer unfinished. So I just put my headphones on during the conversation and I finished making it. Then after awhile Kanye was like play what you got in your computer right there. So I played it and then he immediately walked over to Jay and gave him the concept and the chorus. And that’s pretty much exactly how it came about. He was like this song right here should be like dissing everything that is not real. Then Jay took it home that night and the next morning he had the song laid.

And that’s how history is made.  Head over to AHH for the whole piece.