July 2009


Mixtape: Rashid Hadee – 808s & Hadee

Chopped Not Screwed Vol.1

Rash has been telling me about this project for a while, and this thing is beyond nuts. 

Known as the go to producer of Chicago when you want that good ole soulful boom bap, Rashid Hadee has decided to pay homage to the home team on the first installment of his Chopped Not Screwed mixtape series. With lyricism that has garnered as much love and respect as his production Rashid Hadee shares with you his interpretation of an album he simply feels is honest (no pun intended). If you wonder why he chose 808’s to “chop not screw” instead of one of the more openly loved releases from Kanye’s college themed trilogy, Hadee will simply tell you “because 808’s & Heartbreak is pure genius!” Most would believe he’s on an obvious hometown bias trip but the commonalities of both artists are evident as well as the struggle so as a producer/rapper Hadee feels he relates to as well as understands the mind of Mr. West. Chopped Not Screwed keeps the features to a minimum, sharing mic time with a couple of members from his Chapter 13 crew (Augustine & Melatone), Decay of The Molemen and Chicago veterans Pugs Atomz and The Primeridian. Rashid Hadee has produced entire projects for internationally respected pioneering Chicago acts Abstract Mindstate, Thaione Davis and the aforementioned Pugs Atomz as well as his own debut Neblina Records release entitled Dedication but Chopped Not Screwed Vol.1: 808’s & Hadee is about the artistic expression of the producer and the rapper. For more on Rashid Hadee, visit: www.myspace.com/rashidhadee.

Rashid Hadee – 808s & Hadee

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Video: Skooda Chose feat. Twista & Mikey Rocks (of The Cool Kids) – “Loungin”

It’s finally here! This is definitely one of my favorite videos (seriously), and an absolute must watch. It was shot in various locations throughout Chicago and Miami and was directed by GL Joe, Produced by Michael Ferstle with Casey Bornhell handling the photography.

The track was produced by the Blended Babies, who both have some shining cameos in the clip.

Look for Skooda’s GMG debut to be dropping soon.

Big shouts to everyone in involved.

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FSD + The Truth Awards: FSD Artist of the Year

Sorry, I don’t have the ’09 logo…

Okay, so I’m sure most of you within the Chicago industry are familiar with The Truth Awards.  If not let me give you some background:  The Truth Awards are a Chicago awards ceremony celebrating the best and brightest in urban entertainment, hailing from the City of Wind.  This year marks it’s 8th anniversary, and we’ve paired up with them to bring you a new category – the Fake Shore Drive Artist of The Year.

So what I need is a list of 5 artists, who my readers think are eligible for this nomination.  Obviously there are a few people who already have the nomination locked up, but I’m curious to see who YOU think deserves this honor.

These nominees should be artists who’ve had a significant impact on Chicago’s hip hop scene over the span of the last 12 months, have dropped solid content and are fan favorites on the site.  This list of 5 will be placed on The Truth Awards website (which goes live next week), where anyone and everyone can vote.

Thoughts? Comments?  People on these polls consistently cheat?  You can cheat from your iPhone? 

Speak on it!

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