YP – Classified

Andrew Barber 0

Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know this was supposed to hit the internets yesterday, but hey, you know rappers and their deadlines!  Nothing and no one is ever on time!  I’m kidding of course…we ran into a snafu with the files.  But it’s here now and equally as dope as it would’ve been 24 hours ago.

First, I’d like to say that nothing makes me happier (as far as from a ‘running a blog’ standpoint), then to watch an artist grow and come into their own, which YP has done over the past year.  I first posted YP as part of my long-defunct ‘New Music Tuesday’ series on July 15, 2008, and a little over a year later he’s become one of the Chicago’s most sought after and prominent young MCs.

That being said, I’m happy to present to the world his first official album release, Classified, which is brought to you by Stay Humble (what up Gene?) and FSD.  This project gets my stamp of approval (for whatever that’s worth), and from what I’ve heard around the city (from those who have it) people are really feeling this project.  Featuring guest shots from Mikkey Halsted, Skooda Chose and Bighomie DOE, Classified is definitely what Chicago hip hop heads have been waiting for. 

You can download a FREE copy now, but party is over in a week as YP has a distro deal for the project and will be selling it.  Consider it as a gift.  You should be gettin’ it.

YP – Classified