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Tha Advakit – "Pour A Lil Liquor" [Dedication To Robert "Yummy" Sandifer]

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Wow.  Tomorrow marks the 15th anniversary of Robery “Yummy” Sandifer’s death.  Yummy garnered national headlines in 1994 for the brutal murder of a young girl, and later his own murder by fellow associates.  He made the cover of Time magazine in September of 1994.  In his short life (11 years old when murdered), Yummy accumulated 23 felonies and 5 misdemeanors.  He would’ve been 26 years old today. 

Tupac Shakur immortalized Yummy, by referencing him in many songs and interviews, throughout the course of his (also tragically short) career.

Last year, you may remember, a blog by the name of Pardon Me Duke, posted the entire Time magazine piece on their site.  So you may want to check that out if you’re unfamiliar with the story.

Chicago emcee, Tha Advakit, dedicated the following track to Yummy’s memory.

I really wanted to send this to you because you partly inspired this particular song. About a year ago, you posted a story about Yummy Sandifer and it really touched me, mainly because I’m from that area and I’ve worked with kids who seem to be on the same path that he is. I was so inspired that I wanted to write a song about him, so I did, and I think I executed it very well. Seeing as how September 1st marks the 15th anniversary of his death, I wanted to spread this to as many blogs as I could because I really want people to understand that there is a war going on in Chicago, particularly on the southside.

Tha Advakit – “Pour A Lil Liquor” [Dedication To Robert “Yummy” Sandifer]

Army of Two (MC Longsot & Ang13) – "Crank It" + "Keep It Goin"

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Before Shawnna and Luda, there was Ang and Long.  Got it?

So Ang 13 and myself have been working on new music as the group Army Of 2…here r two tracks off our upcoming ep ‘As One’….’Crank It’ prod TGIK and ‘Keep It Goin’ prod Panthrow…oh and before shawnna and luda, me and ang were trying to be the first male/female group to put out an album… no dough though u know how that go…enjoy and thanks always…shot

Army of Two (MC Longsot & Ang13) – “Crank It” / “Keep It Goin”

Mishon – "Remember The Time" (Da Internz Remix)

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting on this one since Da Internz leaked that first snippet of it.

This song is important for a few reasons:  Not only does this remix honor the legacy of the late, great King of Pop, but it also gives some young talent (Mishon & Da Internz) a chance to take a crack at a classic record.  Not to mention, Teddy Riley cosigned it!  When you have the original producer of “Remember The Time” interested enough to stop by the studio while you’re recording, to offer his input, you must be doing something right. 

Well, now you can enjoy it for yourself….

Mishon – “Remember The Time” (Da Internz Remix)

In case you missed it:

Video: The Cool Kids Interview with HipHopAtLunch

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A quick catch up with Sir Michael of Rocks and Charles Ingles.

Props Professor X

Nikki Nikita – "Dead Hollywood"

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Not sure what the title means, but when I find out, I’ll let you know.

Nikki Nikita – “Dead Hollywood”

Video: YP – Lottery Pick TV [Episode 23: Stay Up Bump]

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First and foremost, you can now purchase YP’s Classified on  I can’t lie, I got pretty geeked to not only see YP’s work on there, but also the FSD logo as well.  Hello!

YP in the lab with the Goodoctors finishing his verse for “Legalize It” for Braniac Societys “Fooch Tha Emcee”–Reno Chinati comes thru for his session! And yes-“TODAY A DREAM–TOMORROW A REALITY!” And if u haven’t copped “CLASSIFIED”— click [here]

Video: Maja 7th & Jap City Working on 'The Breakout'

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Maja 7th & Jap City hit the studio to record “Studio Wordplay 101″ from the upcoming FSD + Maja 7th mixtape, The Breakout.

I set out to do a record with JAP CITY that was different from the “Typical(if you will)” joints they “say” he does all the time. This record is going to be called “Studio Wordplay 101″. Jap talks about everything that is normally in a studio and formulates it into a song. AS ALWAYS…YOU KNOW HE HAD SOME INTERESTING THINGS TO SAY LMAO!! Stay tuned!!!

Juice – "G-String" (Prod. by Scott Storch)

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*scratches head*

Juice and Scott Storch?  A song called “G-String”?  I’ve got to hear what one’s all about!  Definitely an interesting combo. 

Juice - “G-String” (Prod. by Scott Storch)

Props to John w/ Timbuck2

Mixtape: Aaron Levi – Presents

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The latest release from Aaron Levi.  I just noticed the Levi buttons on the cover art.  Nice.

Mixtape: Aaron Levi – Presents

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Jay-Z feat. Kanye West – "Hate" (Prod. by Kanye West)

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“King like T.I., but in the Chi….Larry”

Blueprint 3 drops next Friday.

Jay-Z feat. Kanye West – “Hate” (Prod. by Kanye West)

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