August 2009


Video: Raekwon vs. Chi-Town’s Finest Breakers

I was at Kuts N Kicks Born With Soul for the Raekwon event on Tuesday evening, and one of the highlights was the Chi-Town Breakers, a brother and sister troop of break dancers/b-boys (and girls), who are all between 12 and 7 years old.  These kids can GO!   The Chef couldn’t resist either.

*Dead at Raekwon’s basketball Coach-esque pep talk*

“You know what’s gonna make ya’ll even more successful? Hard work”

I wish I would’ve had Raekwon giving me life advice at an early age.  Maybe I would’ve made the middle school basketball team.  Doubtful.

Props to Ruben

Bonus: Raekwon @ The Shrine with Timbuck2 & George Daniels

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Mixtape: Add-2 – Tale of Two’s City Vol. 3 (The Rise & Fall)

People have been asking about this all day.  Well, wait no more – Add’s Okayplayer  & 2DopeBoyz sponsored mixtape is here.   21 tracks for free download.  Take a listen and let the people know what you think.  I did hear that Simeon from Primeridian played trumpet on Track 20.

Add-2 – Tale of Two’s City Vol. 3 (Rise & Fall) 

Tracklist below the belt (ayo!)

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