Video: GZA & Santigold – “Stay In Line” + “Liquid Swords” Live at Hard Rock Hotel

Andrew Barber 0

Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA and Santi White Santogold Santigold, hooked up for an exclusive performance at the Hard Rock Hotel’s ‘Music Lounge’ Saturday night following Lollapalooza.  The show was dope albeit quite short, and despite a less-than-stellar sound system, it was a solid showing. 

What you may not know, is that GZA gave Santigold one of her first features on “Stay In Line”, when she was known as Santi White, on 2002’s Legend of the Liquid Sword.

Speaking of Santigold, her set at Lolla was hands down my favorite of the weekend.  The crowd watching on was way bigger than anticipated and she really could have filled up one of the bigger stages.  Peep the crowd:

Hit the jump for their performance of “Liquid Swords”

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