Video: Mikkey Halsted Previews Chicago: The Photo Album [Ep.2 “Frozen”]

Andrew Barber 0

“Frozen” a collaboration from Mr. Halsted and Prolyfic is definitely one of my favorite Mikkey tracks.  Pro’s a beast, and I’m glad this record will be making The Photo Album. 

When I first heard the beat I told Pro that it reminded me of an old Tom Petty (ayo!) song, that they used to run constantly on MTV back in the day.  F it, “You Got Lucky” is still my jam.

via Decatur Dan:

The previews continue as Mikkey changes up the pace of tracks with a record titled “Frozen”. A classic story little girl of and OG hustler, which forces her to grow up to be a down ass chick. Produced by Prolyfic, enjoy the footage.