Video: Slum Village Interview at Chicago’s Beat Parlor in 2000

Andrew Barber 0

I love when classic/vintage pieces like this pop up. Even if it’s in celebration of someone’s passing. Stories need to be told, and these clips need to be seen.

This was filmed at Chicago’s famed Beat Parlor in 2000, in what looks to be the summer months. Which means it was right around the time that one of my favorite albums ever, and one I still listen to frequently to this day, Slum Village’s Fantastic Vol. 2, came out. In the Summer of 2000, I swore up and down this was the greatest album ever, and that Jay Dee was the dopest producer of all time. I highly recommend this album to anyone who MAY have missed it.

R.I.P. to Baatin and J Dilla.

“This was done while working for back in like ‘99, 2000. At the time, I was familiar with Jay Dee through his stuff with the Pharcyde and Tribe, and I loved it, but it would take a while before I fully realized the strength of the SV movement. To be honest, I wasn’t even feeling the lyrics too tough back then, but Jay’s beats and the way they actually said their rhymes…preposterous. Baatin and T3 were just the humblest cats, too, and Baatin…you have to remember, this is the late ’90s, so dudes were backpackin’ heavy with Rawkus and ABB and all that. If you were an underground head, you definitely fit a profile. To see this cat rocking the Stetson and some white linen pants and sandals, it was crazy. Swagger for days. He’ll be missed.”

Props to Gotti at the Smoking Section.