Video: The Cool Kids – “The Art of Noise” [Skate Clip]

Andrew Barber 0

GL Joe put me on to this yesterday. A dope skate video throughout Chicago to the tune of The Cool Kids’ “The Art of Noise” from Gone Fishing.

A music video treatment by Paul John. Producing new material for various viewers in a form that is most unique to the rollerblading industry. Starring- Alex Broskow, GL Joe, Michael Collins, Paul John, Rory Melehan, Mathias St. John, Matt Luda, Travis Rhodes, and Casey Bohrnell. The Art of Noise was originally formed as a Avant-garde synth pop group in 1983 by producer Trevor Horn. The song “Moments in love” has been modernized by many, but dopely remastered by The Cool Kids. “Gone Fishing” in stores now! HYSTK © have you seen these kids ?

Related: Last night someone sold Matthias’ (who is featured in this clip) laptop from the Raekwon listening session at Kuts N Kicks.  Super bogus.  It has this man’s whole life on there, and he does all of his photography and videography for local artists for FREE.  If anyone can get their hands on it and return it, please do.  No questions asked.