Lupe To Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Andrew Barber 0

Good for Lu, because I sure as hell wouldn’t attempt such a feat.  I’m fine with watching documentaries about people who have the cojones [II] to do such a thing.  I wonder who if his Sherpa will land a deal with FNF?  Pow!

Climbing that figurative mountain on the road to success is a necessary evil, but Chi-Town rapper Lupe Fiasco has finalized plans to literally scale a mountain this coming January for the sake of charity.

In 2010, Lupe will join a team of celebrities lead by Ethiopian singer/producer Kenna, who will climb Mount Kilimanjaro as a part of the Summit on the Summit project. The celebrity-endorsed charity climb aims to bring light to the fact over a billion people worldwide are forced to live without clean drinking water.

Spotted @ Boombox via B. Dot