Mixtape: BXC – From My Block To Yours

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Hosted by DJ Infamous & DJ MoonDawg.  Featuring Ludacris.

If you’re not familiar with B.X.C. then here’s your chance to GET IN TUNE! Lyric & Commando (B.X.C.) are both young, talented, and have a very promising future ahead of them under Luda’s watchful eye. This mixtape should give you a good idea of their versatility and range in making quality music. Their debut album “Young & Restless” is scheduled for a spring 2010 release under DTP/Def Jam Recordings

BXC – From My Block To Yours (Hosted by DJ Infamous & DJ MoonDawg) 

1. The Blockbuster Movie Intro
2. You’re Gonna Love Me
3. BXC
4. Swoll ft T-Pain
5. Luda Speaks (Signed On The Spot)
6. Head Noddin’ ft Ludacris
7. Can’t Stop Me (Freestyle)
8. Touch It
9. Luda Speaks (The Yin & The Yang)
10. Screaming In My Ear
11. Mafia Music (Freestyle)
12. Day & Night (Freestyle)
13. Luda Speaks (A Luda PSA)
14. Birthday Sex (DTP Remix)
15. Freak U Out
16. Fire
17. I’m Gone
18. Luda Speaks (DTP Roll Call)
19. Right Here With Me
20. Say
21. I Told You Outro
22. (New Single/Bonus) Open Wide ft Ludacris *Radio Edit/No DJ*
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