The Legendary Traxster & Naughty By Nature Bury The Hatchet

Andrew Barber 0

Vinny (of Naughty By Nature): “Like 10 years ago we couldn’t even come to the Chi.  These guys wanted to kill us!”

History was made Saturday as The Legendary Traxster and the boys from Illtown, Naughty By Nature, sat on a panel together at the Global Mixx music conference in Chicago.  Both parties acknowledged each other, shook hands and laughed about their beef from many moons ago.  It was great to witness it firsthand.

I’m sure you remember (maybe some of you don’t) the heated battle Twista and D 2 Tha S had with Naughty by Nature and The Beatnuts that was pretty fierce back in the mid-90’s.  It all kicked off when Treach took a shot a Twista (“you can tongue-twist your ass back to Chicago“)  for stealing his flow and overall style.  Twista responded with “Suicide” off his underground release Resurrection and later D 2 Tha S dropped “Dissin These Fools”.  Now, this beef was all prior to the internets (or at least as we know them now), so most of the info I have is word of mouth and I’m sure there are a few details I’ve missed along the way, so add what you know below.  It’s really unfortunate a lot of this stuff hasn’t been documented.  This is straight Chicago lore right here.