Video: Lupe Fiasco – “Failure” + “Fire” + “Lupe The Killer” + “Pressure”

Andrew Barber 0


Perhaps the dopest thing (to me at least) about last night’s show, was the fact that Lupe took it back to where it all started – the mixtapes.  He did some of his dopest pre-F&L material, but unfortunately, most of the new jacks in the crowd had no clue what they were hearing.  “What’s a Lupe the Killer?”

Last night was a real treat because you NEVER get to hear him perform tracks like “Lupe The Killer” and “Failure”.  Obviously “Fire” is a new record, but the other three I filmed are easily three of my favorite Lupe songs of all time. I still distinctly remember the first time I heard “Failure” and thinking “WTF”.

Lupe claims he’s coming back, and he’s coming back harder than ever, to takeover that top spot.  He told me he’s going after everyone on the MTV Hottest MCs list, no matter what and no matter who.  This could get very interesting. 


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“Lupe The Killer”