November 2009


Chicago Day Revisited

GLC – “I Ain’t Even On Yet”

I’ve received quite a few emails and requests from people looking to see the full length videos of what ran on yesterday on MTV Jams’ Chicago Day.  I figured I’d post all of them as a refresher course for those who may have previously missed it.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in, participated on Twitter, and helped spread the word. #ChicagoDay was actually a trending topic twice yesterday, which is no small feat. Also, thanks to everyone who shared their opinions and made suggestions for the next go ’round. We obviously didn’t have carte blanche to run anything we wanted, but how could you complain about seeing classic videos from Kanye, Twista, R. Kelly, Common, Crucial Conflict and Da Brat (and many more) all day long.  I made sure that I watched every minute of it, and was proud to see it pulled off.  The Sway interviews with George Daniels and David Banner were also great.   Look out for my interview with Sway coming later on.

Thanks to Tuma Basa at MTV, Sheila Grullon, 24-7 Hip Hop, WGCI and Kyra Kyles – not to mention all of the artists and directors who made this possible.

Sidenote: I don’t have a copy of the LEP “We Eat’n Good” video, but it will be premiering soon.

Mick Luter – “How We Raised”

Expand for the rest…

Skooda Chose feat. Twista & Mikey Rocks (of the Cool Kids) – “Loungin”

Really Doe – “Mesmerized”

Kidd Russell – “Dear Shooter”

Rhymefest – “Chicago”

Rhymefest – “Stolen”

Scheme – “Chicano”

Hollywood Holt – “Hollywood”

Ben One feat. Shawnna – “Never Leave My Girl”

And for good measures:  these videos were scheduled to appear, but due to tech issues didn’t run.

Naledge – “Focus”

Mikkey Halsted – “Liquor Store”

Project Mayhem – “Lo Sweatas”

Andrew Barber 0