Video: Maurice Hennessy Talks Kanye West/Taylor Swift Incident

Andrew Barber 0

This video is hysterical.  I actually got a chance to meet and drink Hennessy with Mr. Maurice Hennessy while he was in town a few weeks back.  I asked him the exact same question: “What did you think about Kanye and his bottle of Henny at the VMAs?”, and like a true gentleman, he didn’t really answer it.    Pow!

Here he talks with Leon Rogers and Tony Sco of WGCI’s “The Morning Riot” about Kanye, Taylor, having such a powerful last name, and introduces the new brand of Henny: Hennessy Black.   It’s good!

Sidenote:  I wonder how Mo liked “U.M.C.” blaring in the background during the interview.  I mean, Common was on that Hennessy Artistry Tour.  But…