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Happy New Years from FSD

| December 31, 2009 | 0 Comments

Happy New Years, and thanks to everyone who rocked with FSD in 2009. 

Be safe out there tonight, and if you need a ride, don’t call me – call Diddy.

Reno Chinati – Dreams Come True

| December 31, 2009 | 0 Comments

In 2009, I think Reno Chinati put out more projects than anyone in Chicago.  It seemed that almost monthly he was dropping mixtapes, albums or some kind of compilation.  Whether or not you like the material, you’ve gotta tip your hat to Reno for all of the hard work he put in while pursuing his dreams.  Which is brings me to the title of this project in particular, Dreams Come True.

Here’s the lowdown:

Chicago IL – Available Now Is Reno Chinati Long Awaited Debut Mixtape Album “Dreams Come True”. The Concept Behind This Album Is 16 Tracks Of Original Music Produced By Various Producers From All Across The Country. This Mixtape Album Is Intended To Inspire People That Even in This Unpredictable Society Dreams Come True, The Impossible Can Be Possible And With Hard Work And Determination Your Dreams Can Come True As Well. Dreams Come True Will Also Be Available On Itunes But Limited Songs Due To Sample Clearance. Below Is A Link To Download The Entire Album In Full But Only For A Limited Time.  Once Dreams Come True Is On Itunes All Links Will Be Deleted.

Reno Chinati – Dreams Come True 

Hit the jump for tracklist….

Japcity – "The Truth"

| December 31, 2009 | 0 Comments

Another joint over Jake One’s truthful beat.  Not sure why this one is getting burnt up currently.

Japcity – “The Truth”

R. Kelly feat. Rick Ross – "Put Some Money On It"

| December 31, 2009 | 0 Comments

Wasn’t these two’s last collaboration “Speedin”?  You know, the video where Officer Ricky thinks it’s a good idea to jump off a bridge to avoid getting a speeding ticket?  Pretty smart if you ask me, no one wants those points going against your insurance rates.

Anyhoo, here’s a joint that didn’t make Untitled, and was produced by hit man Tricky Stewart.

R. Kelly feat. Rick Ross – “Put Some Money On It”

Shouts Mr. X

Video: Mikkey Halsted + Twone Gabz + MarVo – "I'm Tired" Live

| December 30, 2009 | 0 Comments

Last night at Twone Gabz birthday party (Writers Wednesday) at Tini Martini, Twone brought Mikkey & MarVo on stage to perform their Chi City banger “I’m Tired”, a song I don’t get tired of.

Happy B-Day Twone.

Video: Yukmouth feat. L.E.P. Bogus Boys – "211"

| December 30, 2009 | 0 Comments

The Bay and the Chi connect as one half of the Luniz teams up with the Bogus Boys for a song/video about the art of the home invasion. 

This is a dope yet unsuspecting collabo. Yukmouth’s double disc Thugged Out: The Albulation was my shit back in ’99, I can’t even lie.  This is a street single from Yuk’s upcoming project, Free At Last, due out in March.  I’d heard these two camps were getting together for a song, but I didn’t know a full video was involved.

QBeans + Max Payne – "NYE"

| December 30, 2009 | 0 Comments

QBeans, of Nick-N-Beans fame, and Max Payne get together to create an ode to the Holiday that I wait until the very last minute to make plans for.  NYE is overrated anyway.  Bah humbug.

QBeans + Max Payne – “NYE”

Bonus: Nick, Beans and Max Payne in the studio

Bo Deal feat. OJ Da Juiceman & Traye D – "Logged On"

| December 30, 2009 | 0 Comments

These guys have so much material together they could probably drop a full length album.   I mean Bo has more So Icey features then people actually on the label.  Unless he is on the label.  Hmmm….

This track will also be featured on Bo’s Sweeper mixtape. 

Also, the Traye D featured on this track is the Chi-Town crooner, not the guy from the Eastsidaz.

Bo Deal feat. OJ Da Juiceman & Traye D – “Logged On”

L.E.P. & Jim Jones Shooting a Video in NYC?

| December 30, 2009 | 0 Comments

Word on the streets is that the Bogus Boys are currently out in NYC working on a video with the Capo himself, Jim Jones.


Joe Scudda feat. Freddie Gibbs, Naledge & Mistah F.A.B. – "Trunk Rattle (Remix)"

| December 30, 2009 | 0 Comments

Khrysis on the boards.

Damn, that’s a solid lineup.  A nice exclusive courtesy of the Smoking Section that will be featured on their upcoming project with Joe Scudda and the Hall of Justice Not Your Average Joe EP, dropping January 11th 2010.

Joe Scudda feat. Freddie Gibbs, Naledge & Mistah F.A.B. – “Trunk Rattle (Remix)”

Related: Wait until you hear this other Naledge & Gibbs collabo produced by Nez & Rio.  Wow!