GLC Holiday Week: GLC – “I Left My Mark” (Prod. by Trailblazerz MPC)

Andrew Barber 0

Christmas (or whatever you may or may not celebrate ) comes early for FSD readers, as we welcome you to GLC’s Holiday Week.  We’ll have something new from Gangsta L everyday this week leading up to Christmas on the 25th.

Tomorrow we’ll be dropping the Respect My Come Up: Pimp Dilemmas mixtape in its entirety, and Thursday we’ll have a brand new GLC video for you as well.  And Christmas, well, you’re just gonna have to wait for that.

Today, we have the last leak before the mixtape drops, as well as the cover and tracklisting.

GLC – “I Left My Mark” (Prod. by Trailblazerz MPC)

GLC + DJ Fu + Mike Tyson, presented by LRG + DGK + FSD