Kanye Reacts To Entertainment Weekly’s “Top Album of Decade” Honor

Andrew Barber 0

Kanye saw the post  RapRadar threw up yesterday in regards to Entertainment Weekly naming The College Dropout the album of the decade, and subsequently took to his blog to comment on the accolade.  That’s a pretty big honor, from a pretty big publication if you ask me. 

It’s crazy to think that it’s already (almost) been six years since College Dropout dropped and shuffled one of music’s biggest superstars into the game.  I was a senior in college when this album impacted, and I remember everyone switching up their style of dress and taste in music once this hit the streets (internet downloading wasn’t quite where it is now – so please believe people were running to the stores to cop).  Not that people didn’t already wear pink polos with the collars popped [read: frat guys], but Kanye really brought it to the mainstream and gave it that edge.  The following summer you couldn’t turn on the radio, MTV or Rap City without hearing a Kanye guest appearance [see: Slum Village, Dilated Peoples, Janet Jackson, Keyshia Cole, Ma$e, Little Brother, etc].  The man was everywhere, and he hasn’t left since.  So yes, The College Dropout changed music – and opened up doors for new and established Chicago artists to bum rush the industry in its wake.  Applaud the man!

Deep Thoughts:  And just as Kanye listened to Lauryn Hill’s Miseducation throughout his recording of College Dropout, I still go back to “Last Call” for motivation and peace of mind from time to time.  Fin.