R.O.E. – “I Wanna Rock”

Andrew Barber 0

Thanks to BacardiRu, I got my hands on that new Snoop album, Malice N Wonderland, this weekend.  And no, it wasn’t the free copy everyone gets on the internets, it was an actual hard copy.   Labels don’t ever send me advances, so I rarely have actual CDs to play in the whip, so I end up just streaming it from my iPod – which pretty much sounds like shit.  Needless to say the second song on the album, “I Wanna Rock”, knocks something ridiculous.  In fact, I almost wrecked trying to read the album credits to see who produced and mixed it.  Well, the record was produced by Snoop (really?) and was mixed by the good doctor himself, Dr. Dre.

What does that have to do with this post?  Uh, well, R.O.E., who is about to release a mixtape, decided to take this beat to Church.

Says Khal:

Chitown’s R.O.E. grabbed Snoop’s “I Wanna Rock” and kicked some fly shit over it as a prelude to his Just Listen Vol. 2: Prequel to the Dream mixtape, which serves as a taste of what you’ll get on his A Pen. A Mic. A Dream. project, both of which will drop on rockthedub.com in the near future. If you’re feeling this, feel free to post/share/blast.

R.O.E. – “I Wanna Rock”