Video: GLC – “To A Gangster”

Andrew Barber 0

“I’m sick and tired of these Cot Damn lames, out they mouth with my Cot Damn name, what they sayin”

My favorite song off GLC’s upcoming mixtape, Respect My Come Up, gets a video treatment by Noah Banks.  The cinematography on this clip is crazy.  Both GL and Noah snapped with this one.  We also get a guest appearance from Cousin Bang.  The track was produced by The Weathermen.

Look for Respect My Come Up (brought to you by GLC, LRG and FSD) to drop next Tuesday. 

But first and foremost, here’s GLC’s disclaimer for the video:

Gangster movies played a big part in raising me! Fortunately enough I was able to differentiate between movies & reality! However I was unable to escape the allure of a Scorsese film or even the Sopranos. This is Noah Banks & GLC’s interpretation of their favorite gangster films in the form of a music video! Listen well & watch closely as we demonstrate a mere case of cause & effect! Its cool to entertain as this is a case of entertainment & we in no way glorify the genocide that plagues our community! Chicago lets Go & stay tuned to for the release of “Respect My Come Up!”