Video: Naledge + Whoo Kid + Hustle Simmons

Andrew Barber 0

Much love to Naledge for the words at the end.  Also, Hustle gets in some funny jabs at what looks to be Whoo Kid’s bodyguard.  Omarion jeans?  Pow!

Last Thursday was quite the busy day for the Brainiac Society folks and the hip-hop industry in general in Chicago. DJ Whoo Kid was in town to promote a collaboration between his sponsor KRSP and Leaders 1354, Bun B was in town for a concert with the Cool Kids, and there was just a whole mess of shit going down. This video was taken at Sound Scape where Bun B, Christian Rich and GLC converged for a Ruby Hornet closed session while Naledge, Whoo Kid, Geno, Nikki Lynette, and many more kicked the shit before the concert. Fly Kite Media provides a quick look at what went down.

via Brainiac Society