Mixtape: Voyce G.I. Go + Chris Ill – HipHopStarz Presents: Teddy P & Break Beats

Andrew Barber 0

“Below is the link to the HipHopStarz EP tribute to Teddy P titled
Teddy P and Breakbeats.  All the songs are produced by Chris Ill and
all the songs are written and performed by Voyce G.I.Go.  Also each
song contains a Teddy P sample may he rest in peace.  Download and
enjoy much more music coming soon from the HipHopStarz, Voyce G.I. Go,
and Chris ill as well. Peace”

Also be on the look out for other projects from Voyce and Chris Ill which include N Life R Free Vol. 2 and The Natural Born Khemistry LP.

R.I.P. Teddy.

HipHopStarz Presents: Teddy P & Break Beats

Tracklist below