Video: Lupe Fiasco Interview on Invasion Radio

Andrew Barber 0

Man, Wasalu has been on that promo terror as of late. He’s been all over the XM/Sirius and radio circuit this past week. Glad to see him out and about and making the round. Here he talks with Green Lantern regarding Lasers (which Lupe apparently turned in to Atlantic yesterday), his recent leaks and more.

via Dre

Lupe talks to Green about talks about the leaks (”There’s like another Lupe out there. Everytime I put something out, the hacker Lupe puts something else out.”), climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, not finding out about the earthquake until coming down, his Haiti benefit collabo with Kenna & Mike Shinoda, and the status of Child Rebel Soldier. Lupe closes out with a freestyle.

Now, I haven’t leaked any of that Lupe in well over a year, so I’m not sure where all this stuff is coming from. He really has more unreleased music than the late, great Tupac.

I also read yesterday that Lupe is in talks with Pharrell and Kanye West to rekindle the CRS project. Should I hold my breath?