Video: Twone Gabz Previews Hip Hop vs. Gucci Mane

Andrew Barber 0

Twone Gabz & DJ V-Dub are teaming up to bring us Twone’s upcoming mixtape, Hip Hop vs. Gucci.  In the video above, they give us details on the project, and share their thoughts and preview some choice tracks. 

Now, I’m sure there has been a lot of confusion as to what exactly the title means, and Twone and V-Dub clarify in the video.  This is NOT a diss towards Radric, but instead remaking Gucci’s last album, The State vs. Radric Davis.  Get it?  Either way, it’s all hip-hop. 

Shouts to Brandon “N2ition” Riley for the always fresh clip.

Hip Hop vs. Gucci Mane coming soon.