Video: Bighomie Doe + Donnis + Mic Terror + YP + Scheme – “Whaddup (Remix)” Live @ Lincoln Hall

Andrew Barber 0

Last night, ATL’s Donnis descended on Chicago for a concert at Lincoln Hall sponsored by Jugrnaut & 10 Deep.  Mic Terror and Dave Coresh were also on the bill.

Towards the end of Donnis’ set, Million $ Mano called some of Chicago’s finest to the stage for an all-star performance of Bighomie DOE’s “Whaddup (Remix)”, which features Donnis, YP, Scheme and Mic Terror.  Looked like the energy was through the roof.

YNMD has a bunch of clips from last night’s show, so head over there for the rest.

Bonus: Mic Terror – “I’m Famous” Live @ Lincoln Hall