DJ Trackstar Presents: Jay-Z & Lupe Fiasco – From Marcy to Madison St.

Andrew Barber 1

A+ on the title.  Bravo.

Says TSS:

It seems like Trackstar can’t get enough of these conceptual mixes, but he has an uncanny knack and an inordinate amount of time to pull them together as well as the skills necessary to make them entertaining. For Marcy To Madison St., our favorite DJ brings together the works of Jay-Z and Lupe Fiasco, two artists whose careers don’t seem linked until Track uncovers the clues like a master sleuth. What we end up with is another mix whose entertainment value is on par with its predecessor in the series and 50+ minutes of auditory pleasure.

Try before you buy:

TSS x Trackstar The DJ Present – Marcy To Madison St. by TheSmokingSection

Download here.

Tracklist below the heavens…