GemStones – “My Hood”

Andrew Barber 7

New music from former FNFian GemStones (looks like it’s back to the Gem for Stones)

GWHH just dropped the premiere and also included a new interview, which he talks about his upcoming project and focuses heavily on Drake (?). Gem also discusses his split from Lupe and FNF

Yo, I mean a project never got released and rumor is you’re not with FnF anymore?

Stones: The project on FnF never dropped. Troubles of The World is still coming. Right now I’m getting ready to release “On The Road To Glory: My Story.” As far as FnF goes it’s not a rumor. I’m no longer an official member of FnF. I will always be FnF in the heart though. I mean I helped build that and no one can take that away from me. No matter what you read or what the paper says, you can’t take that away. Go check Lupe’s first two albums. I’ve played just as much of a part in it as he {Lupe} did. I helped build that thing

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GemStones – “My Hood”