Sir & Madame Chenille Knits

Andrew Barber 4

Brian & Ari Merritt show off the latest creation from Solemates Chicago’s Sir & Madame:

We put together a quick Spring 2010 drop of a light knit sweater for the Sir’s and Madame’s out there. These knits are perfect for the spring when the weather can change on you at the drop of a dime. These pieces are also extremely limited, we only made 36 (12 in each color). They are available in 3 colors, the black and grey knit sweaters are for the Sirs and the Red is for the Madames. Make sure you get one of these early because once they are gone we won’t be doing these again. We will also accept phone orders.

Head over to the Solemates website  to find our more details and/or purchase.  You may want to hurry up as this inventory is super limited.