Mixtape: The Cool Kids + LA Leakers – Tacklebox

| May 31, 2010 | 6 Comments

After a handful of leaks, The Coolest Kids in the class unleash their mixtape with the LA Leakers, Tacklebox.  Tacklebox features a wide array of brand new tracks, unreleased freestyles and songs originally intended for When Fish Ride Bicycles.  Grab your bait and rod [II] and let’s fish.

The Cool Kids + LA Leakers – Tacklebox

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1. Fishing Lessons (Prod. by Chuck Inglish)
2. Flying Kytes (Prod. by Chuck Inglish)
3. Freak City (Prod. by Chuck Inglish & Old Young)
4. So Neat (Prod. by Chuck Inglish)
5. Going Camping (Prod. by Chuck Inglish)
6. Volume II (Prod. by Chuck Inglish)
7. Birthdays (Prod. by Ski Beats)
8. Great Outdoors (Prod. by Chuck Inglish)
9. Strawberry Girl (Prod. by Chuck Inglish)
10. Systems (Prod. by Chuck Inglish)
11. Good Afternoon (Prod. by Producktionix)
12. Parking Lot (Prod. by Chuck Inglish)
13. Summer Nights feat. Tenille (Prod. by Chuck Inglish)
14. LA Leakers Outro
15. Gettin’ Flicked (Prod. by Chuck Inglish)

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  1. GLJOE says:

    I am going to shoot 5 videos for this mixtape and never release any of them. Word I’m a genius.

  2. LFTFL.com says:

    The internet soldiers are mad @ The Cool Kids because they didn’t release this mixtape when they promised they would. I think those people who are upset need to relax, have a cold beer and a plate of grilled chicken. The tape is coming, be patient people, it’s not that serious.

  3. FSD Po Po says:

    I should write a citation for the delay, but fuck it

  4. GL-Joe says:

    That’s awesome someone created an account under my name and posts hate. I’m flattered.

  5. Dallas says:

    I love how ppl get mad over not gettin their FREE music on time

    this tape >>> than Gone Fishing just off the strength of not havin Cannon suffering an aneurysm on every other track

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