May 2010


Tricky Stewart Covers Chicago Red Eye

Kyra Kyles of the Red Eye scored an interview with Chicago-bred producer Tricky Stewart – the mastermind behind some of music’s biggest hits  including Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”, Justin Bieber’s “Baby” and Rihanna’s “Umbrella”.  I imagine a lot of people didn’t know Trick was actually from Chicago, so it was a rather dope profile.

What do you think distinguishes you from other producers? How do your Chicago roots play a part? 
My work is all based on coming from Chicago with such great R&B roots. Even when I make pop, it’s got a strong R&B sound. I do it even when working with Katy Perry. Katy Perry’s sound is unique to her genre, but I add my own flair.
The feature also profiled some of Chicago’s rising producers and engineers including Da Internz, Matt Hennessy and Grant Parks.  You can check out the online version here. 
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