May 2010


Video: Da Brat Is Free

Well, kind of. Today, Da Brat popped up on an episode of Jermaine Dupri’s vlog, Living The Life, and revealed that she’s now (somewhat) free on work release.  She’s currently working a 9-5 (which is like kryptonite for a rapper) making windows. She dropped by JD’s studio during a free pass out while meeting with her lawyer and chatted up the camera a bit.  No word on when she’ll be back on the turf for good.  Let’s get free.

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Gil Scott Heron feat Skooda Chose – Dance With The Devil

We now have the audio track of Skooda’s rendition of Gil Scott Heron’s ‘Dance With the Devil’.  Mr. Chose has been flooding the internet lately with the upcoming release of his Top Five Material 2 mixtape and with good reason.  Polo Rugby’s been doin numbers since its release and we wouldn’t expect much less from this.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Gil Scott Heron feat Skooda Chose – Dance With The Devil” dl=”″]

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Dat Boy Hot feat. Willie (of Day 26) & John Blu – Up & Down (Remix)

Dat Boy Hot unleashes his all-star R&B remix for this Xcel-produced hit “Up & Down” which is currently burning up the airwaves in Chicago.

We’re gonna need the video treatment for both the remix and original.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Dat Boy Hot feat. Willie of Day 26 & John Blu – Up & Down Remix” dl=”″]

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