July 2010


Sugar Ray Dinke – Cabrini Green Rap

How many of you remember or even know about this track?  It was released in 1986 on I AM Records, which was then located on 323 E. 23rd Street.  I don’t know a whole lot about Sugar Ray Dinke, or what became of him and his rap career, but I do know this was one of Chicago’s earliest recorded rap songs.  It’s a cross between house and early-Run DMC.

Today, I came across a dope write up on this track at Werner Von Wallenrod’s (via noz’s Tumblr), entitled “The Notorious Cabrini Green” and I wanted to share…

If anyone knows the whereabouts or additional history of Sugar Ray Dinke, feel free to post below.

Remember the movie Candyman? Remember how the horror of a killer ghost with a hook for a hand and bees in his mouth was amplified by the scary, urban location: “a notorious housing project” (that’s how they refer to it on the box)? Well, interestingly, they didn’t just make up a generic “ghetto” set in some LA back-lot… They filmed in the very real Cabrini Green, and referred to the place by its real name throughout the film. Even the plot-point that the medicine cabinets led directly into peoples’ neighbors’ apartments was real, which led to a real series of murders.

Well, almost a decade before Clive Barker and co. turned Cabrini Green into a horror landmark, Chicago rapper Sugar Ray Dinke did his part to put the place on the map with his only 12″ single on I Am Records. Produced and co-written by Darryl Thompson, “Cabrini Green Rap” dropped in 1986 and, while it naturally sounds dated, it doesn’t sound as dated as you’d expect for an otherwise unknown local rap single from 1986. It’s certainly got all the 80’s trappings: big beatbox drums, electro sounds, metalish guitars in the vein of the trends Run DMC and Statesasonic were setting (though not so extreme or “rockish” as those), and a boatload of hand-claps. Oh, and the MC’s vocals are echoed to make it sound like there’s two rappers saying everything in unison. But it all holds up surprisingly well, a testament to the talents of Mr. Thompson evidently.

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Video: Rick Ross Chicago Listening Session

Last Ross post for a loooong time.  I promise.  Here is some footage of Ricky and John Monopoly at the Teflon Don listening session at club VIBE.  The event was thrown by One Off Entertainment Group, John Monopoly, Happy Lewis and 3 Deep.

In other, final BAWSE news, RubyHornet caught up with Larry Hoover Jr., Jim Allen & Gator Bradley to get statements from them and their thoughts on “B.M.F.”

Jim Allen told us, “Hoover is very remorseful for the things that he’s done as well things done through the street organization. A lot of that goes back to him and we’re trying to change that around and push peace instead of negativity.” Allen, just like Larry Hoover Jr. as well as Gator Bradley, were all taken aback by Ross’ reference. Most importantly, they felt that Ross brought up Hoover’s name out of context, linking with a lifestyle he no longer lives nor supports. Jim Allen continued, “Larry Hoover Jr. and Jim Allen are pushing peace. That’s the message Larry Hoover is pushing. When his name is mentioned in songs connected to crime, it tarnishes what we’re doing out in the street. There are people all over the country that hear Rick Ross’ music and when he mentions Hoover’s name he makes it seem that this is the life they’re living in the present, which they’re not.”

Larry Hoover Jr., Larry Hoover’s, son echoed Allen’s sentiments telling us, “[the reference] is a big deal because he didn’t contact anybody before he did it. It was the fact that he was associating his name in a bad light. He came to town and we reached out to him to right the situation… As long as everyone is a man of their word, everything is fine. He got the understanding that it’s not good to use [Hoover’s] name in the context that he used it. That’s as far away from where we are as ever.”

Bonus: Video footage of Larry Hoover Jr. going to the VIP area at Vibe to talk to Rick Ross

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JUGRNAUT x Chip Tha Ripper T-Shirt

Chicago boutique JUGRNAUT is teaming up with Cleveland emcee Chip Tha Ripper for a new special edition tee-shirt that will be available at the JUGRNAUT in-store prior to Chip’s July 29th show at the Wild Hare.  This shirt is f’ing dope, and hopefully someone will be nice enough to hit me with one.  Ha!  The show and in-store are in preparation of Chip’s project with Chuck Inglish, Gift Raps, which is due out in late summer.   In case you missed Chip talking about the project, you can check that out here.

Details on the in-store below the cut…

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