July 2010

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Video: FSD Interviews Rick Ross

As I’m sure most of you know, Rick Ross caused quite a stir while he was in Chicago last week during his promo run for his new album, Teflon Don, which drops tomorrow (July 20th) on Def Jam Recordings.   The main reason being his recent hit song – “B.M.F.” – which features a very powerful Chicago name in the chorus…that name being Larry Hoover.

A lot of Chicagoans were confused by said line, and we at FSD felt obligated to ask Ross about his “I think I’m Larry Hoover” claim during the interview held at Dave Jeff’s PHLI store in Hyde Park.  Ross handled himself pretty well and kept his cool, but you can tell he’s a bit agitated with a few of our questions.  So much in fact that after only three/four questions, he dropped the obligatory “my album is in stores July 20th” and walked off the set in a huff.  Treated, indeed.

Ross left PHLI just moments later, and rumors immediately began to swirl claiming that there was plenty tension in the air.  These rumors were shot down just hours later when Rick Ross tweeted a picture of himself, E from Infared Music and Larry Hoover Jr.  at his release party at Vibe.  Is this the end or only the beginning?  We don’t know, but you should definitely tune in to see his interview with Ms. Laura Mitchell.

Shot by Nick Castle and Edited by Brandon “N2ition” Riley

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FSD Featured On MTV2’s Sucker Free Summit This Weekend

I honestly can’t say enough nice things about the people over at MTV, MTV News, MTV Jams and MTV2.  They always support FSD and include me on what they have going on – most recently being their Sucker Free Summit, where they picked a handful of hip-hop “tastemakers” including artists, radio personalities, athletes and even lowly bloggers like myself to participate in a discussion about the best in hip-hop. 

The episode airs this coming Sunday (7/25 at Noon) on MTV2, and I wanted to give all the FSD readers a heads up to tune in.  It’s always a pleasure and an honor to work with MTV so salute to them. 

Hit the jump for videos of Ron Artest and Fat Joe talking about the Summit.

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