Video: GLC feat. Bun B & Sir Mix-A-Lot – Clockin’ Lotsa Dollarz

Andrew Barber 12

Directed by Ike Films

I can’t believe this day has come as GLC’s “Clockin’ Lotsa Dollarz” video has finally dropped.  This track and video mean a lot to me as this was something GLC let me become involved in over a year ago – not to mention this video shoot was the very first time I ever met the legendary Bun B (and my video partner in crime Brandon “N2ition” Riley). 

I know there has been a lot of speculation, but yes, the track (and video) actually feature the real Sir Mix-A-Lot, which was no small feat (imagine having to track down Mr. “Put Em On The Glass”).  Chicago-beatsmith, Xcel (who you can find as a security guard in the clip), produced the track, which fits Gangsta L and the Trill O.G. perfectly.  Kanye West later came on board to co-produce the track and add his, as GLC calls it, Pimp Glitter to the mix.

Ike Films did a great job on the clip, which was done entirely on a green screen.  Pay attention to the detail as Travis put a lot of work and detail into this mini-movie.  The video co-stars Tiffany Davis from the Bad Girls Club, and also has some other interesting cameos.  See if you recognize anyone else in there.  Ha!  

The track is available for purchase on iTunes now.  Do yourself a favor and spend a dollar to support the Ism.  GLC’s debut album Love, Life & Loyalty drops October 12th.

You can read GLC’s words on the video and song over at his site GLCityMusic

“Clockin” was recorded and mixed by Mike Kolar at Soundscape Studios.