September 2010


Psychodrama – The Suave House Years

Too Much For The Industry To Handle – © Psychodrama

First and foremost, I’d like to introduce you to my newest collaborator, Jaycee, who will be periodically dropping exclusive mixes, albums and rarities on FSD.  Jaycee has a plethora of Chicago music – some heard, but most forgotten – that he’s going to share with the Chi Hip-Hop diehards.  Salute this man for providing such a service.  Our first collabo is this Psychodrama – The Suave House Years compilation, which he put together and sequenced. 

As many (or I hope most) of you know, Psychodrama was once signed to the Houston-based indie rap powerhouse Suave House Records.  Labels – major and indie – were heavy in Chicago during the mid-to-late 90s, particularly on the Westside, after acts like Twista, Do or Die and Crucial Conflict set the world on fire.  They (as in the labels) all wanted a piece of the action.  After seeing what PD was doing independently, labels were lining up to sign the Chicago trio.  Psychodrama first landed with J Prince, and after a brief stint at Rap-A-Lot, PD joined the House (literally) that Tony Draper built.  They were destined for stardom with their major label debut, Time Verses Life, which you couldn’t have missed if you bought a Source Magazine or Suave House release during that period.  That advertisement was literally everywhere, with the “Coming Soon” tag attached.

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