September 2010


Twista’s The Perfect Storm Pushed Back

Two weeks isn’t so bad, so don’t go and get all butthurt.  These things are kind of expected in this day and age, no?  At least it wasn’t pushed off the grid completely like The Game’s album or something.  Damn it feels good to be independent.

The Perfect Storm drops November 9th, 2010

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Psychodrama – The Suave House Years

Too Much For The Industry To Handle – © Psychodrama

First and foremost, I’d like to introduce you to my newest collaborator, Jaycee, who will be periodically dropping exclusive mixes, albums and rarities on FSD.  Jaycee has a plethora of Chicago music – some heard, but most forgotten – that he’s going to share with the Chi Hip-Hop diehards.  Salute this man for providing such a service.  Our first collabo is this Psychodrama – The Suave House Years compilation, which he put together and sequenced. 

As many (or I hope most) of you know, Psychodrama was once signed to the Houston-based indie rap powerhouse Suave House Records.  Labels – major and indie – were heavy in Chicago during the mid-to-late 90s, particularly on the Westside, after acts like Twista, Do or Die and Crucial Conflict set the world on fire.  They (as in the labels) all wanted a piece of the action.  After seeing what PD was doing independently, labels were lining up to sign the Chicago trio.  Psychodrama first landed with J Prince, and after a brief stint at Rap-A-Lot, PD joined the House (literally) that Tony Draper built.  They were destined for stardom with their major label debut, Time Verses Life, which you couldn’t have missed if you bought a Source Magazine or Suave House release during that period.  That advertisement was literally everywhere, with the “Coming Soon” tag attached.

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