September 2010


Video: Paypa Signs with SRC/Universal

Congrats to Chicago artist Paypa, who just inked a deal with SRC/Universal.  That’s a big deal because, shit, I don’t think Steve Rifkind, a man who has signed some of the biggest hip-hop acts ever, has signed a Chicago artist since Twista.  19 years ago.  Hopefully, his project gets pushed forward and he doesn’t fall victim to the major label fuckery.  Salute.

The time has finally arrived. Chicago’s own Paypa has inked his major label deal with SRC/Universal and will begin the recording of his debut album Feel Good Music. In true Paypa fashion, the rising star brought a camera crew with him to film the signing of his recording contract. Most people don’t get to witness what happens behind closed doors when an artist moves from independent to major all with the signing of their name. Paypa lets you in on his world in the following video. It’s a beautiful moment for the young rapper, and this is just the beginning.

Sidenote: Why does this remind me of this? “Just sign your life, I mean your name on the contract”

Andrew Barber 12


Hollywood Holt – Who We Be (Freestyle)

One place you don’t want to be is on the opposing end of a Treatmaster Holt tongue-lashing or swift beatdown.  It appears the target of this song found himself on both.  Shots fired indeed.

Not knowing who this song was dedicated to, I had to ask Holt.  His only reply was:

a fat lame that don’t know how to shut the fuck up


Hollywood Holt – who we be freestyle


Andrew Barber 12