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I was lucky enough to bump into Vic Mensa on Friday at Sir & Madame and he blessed me with an early viewing of this video.  He shared with me that the setting of the video is an Orchard in Indiana that his mother used to take him to as a child and man does this setting POP. The colors in this video are crazy and really bring out what many would image autumn should ideally look like. I was also able to get a look at the artwork for the project Kids These Days is releasing in the very near future and was very impressed by the level of creativity that this band exudes constantly. If you are a fan of the song there is a download link for it below…

My Days

Kids These Days – My Days

Video Directed by Nic Collins and Ryan Farmer

16 Comments on "Video: Kids These Days – My Days"

  1. Fred Richter Jr

    I like this band. I like them a whole lot. To me this fits Vic better than being a solo MC in this city of hate. They will go far.

  2. Horse

    Great video!! Great music!! Looking forward to more of both. Vic rocks and the rest of the guys do too. An orchard is a tits settling. Kids & video team just introduced themselves to the WORLD!!!!!!

  3. BlackSherbert

    Yo mutha fukers dis is the shitz. Love it. I dont know what Andrew Barbers post means but I agree with him. Keep up the G work/// Boys behind the lens, you got it 2.

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