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  1. ChiefJ4

    Lookin’ Boy 2011, but really it just sounds like a remix. Couldn’t these creative brotha’s come up with something more original? Each of them mentioned Lookin’ Boy… as if we didn’t know they were the ones who made that song. All that effort to recreate something that has already been done by them… don’t know what to tell ya!

    West Side

  2. HU

    Sorry but they will not be blowing up off of this trash. These songs need smart people and white people to become hits and that will absolutely not happen with this shit. Good for them that they’re not just standing around corners and getting tattoos on their necks but what they produce is pure garbage no matter how you slice it. Fortunately, there is a segment of the young uneducated black population that accepts anything because if they use thought, rationale, or criticism it is called “hate” and is not allowed. Thus, everything must be good: Soulja Boy, Boosie, Wacka flacka, Hot Stylz, Party Boyz, Young Dro, tight sagging pants, tattoos on face and neck, standing on block all day, talking retarded and slow, smoking black and milds, looking dumb, getting skanks pregant…………….

  3. realchicagonigga

    I was Wondering these Boyz Been! I fucks Wit it, Keep It Up.. Chicago Stop Hating On Each Other We always talk this we need to stick together we need unity shit, but everybody downing each other, for no reason, if we plan to b successful this shit must stop! The Hot styles boyz got a deal belive it or not stop being mad and go get u one, other wise Shut the fuck up get cha money fuck niggaz..and it only b other rappers putting these hating ass comments on here

  4. CaGoRilla

    They aint the best emcees, but at least they can make hits and got a record deal. I’m 36 years old and watched all these Chicago rappers claim all this unity shit but hate when one of our own make it. KEEP GRINDING HOT STYLES…. KEEP GETTING PAPER!

  5. Chi Cargo

    This is coonery. Its not hate! Chicago supports good music, real music.

    HU said it better than anyone: “…thought, rationale, or criticism it is called “hate” and is not allowed.”

  6. Madd Rapper

    Wow they going oing oing in. Ive been following hotstylz for years. What happened to the other members. This shit they puttin out now is trash.

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