January 2011


32 For Chicago

So last week after I downloaded the updated version of Mass Hysteria’s new single “Chicago”, I looked at my iTunes and noticed a startling amount of records named after the City we call home.   And with the Bears going to the Super Bowl (that didn’t actually happen), I thought it would be cool to bundle them all up and post them on the site.  Well, as we all know, the Bears took the big L (no Lamont Coleman), but I wasn’t going to let all these joints I upped go to waste, so enjoy them below.

I’m sure I’m missing a handful of records named after Chicago or Chi, so before you start screaming in the comments section about leaving something off (which I’m sure I did), send in my way and I’ll add to the list.  I’m certain I’ve overlooked some songs and don’t have others in my iTunes library.

*To have made this post the song title needed to include the word Chicago or Chi

Bishop G – Chicago Sherbert
Bump J –  N**** Wanna Holla Chicago
Bump J & Lil Les – I’m From Chicago
Bump J & Sly Polaroid – Chicago
Bump J feat. MarVo – Chicago State of Mind
Common – Chi City
Crucial Conflict & Da Brat – Chicago Anthem
Daws feat. Rhymefest & Really Doe – Chicago’s On Fire
Dun D – City of Chi
G.O.D. Jewels feat. Dom Kennedy – L.A. To Chicago
GLC – Chi State of Mind

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