February 2011


Kanye West Booed at United Center

In one of the more bogus moves I’ve seen as of late, Kanye West was booed at last night’s Chicago Bulls/Miami Heat game at the United Center.  A home game, OBVS.  Various publications are reporting that Ye was booed upon arriving late to the game, but I truly believe it was just that good old Chicago hate shining through.  Kanye West, Don C and Virgil Abloh took a late afternoon flight in from NYC just to take in the high profile game (Chicago was victorious), that also featured our newly elected Mayor Rahm Emanuel in attendance. 

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen Ye sitting courtside at a home game prior to this one, so I thought it was dope when TNT panned to him and Don  – that is until seconds later when the boos began to echo from the rafters of the United Center.  Is that any way to treat one of Chicago’s greatest talents?  What a terrible homecoming.  You, the fans at the United Center, win the FSD Bogus Award for the week.  If you’re still salty about Taylor Swift, get the fuck over it.

Andrew Barber 33