March 2011


Kids These Days – Hard Times [Cover Art + Tracklist]

You want to know who made a splash at SXSW this year?  Kids These Days, that’s who.  As some may have wondered why these Kids weren’t in school, others were packing venues to see what this 8 piece from Chicago had to offer.  First of all, their promo game was out of control, (Smash Bros!) as the first thing I witnessed upon entering downtown Austin, was a bright yellow Kids These Days Hard Times poster.  They were literally everywhere, stacked on each and every light pole and street corner.  Bloggers and industry folk from around the country asked me about the group throughout the weekend, and by the time Saturday rolled around, the Kids had the upstairs of Light Bar packed wall to wall for their performance at the Fake Shore Drive + Go ILL Radio Showcase.  The Kids played for an entire hour and drew a crowd unlike any other I’d seen all weekend (demographic wise).  Hell, Mr. Hudson was in there just chilling and bobbing his head during their set.  I looked at Mr. Hudson (no relation) like “how the hell did you know about this show?”, and then he proceeded to talk my ear off for a half hour about how advanced the band sounded and how he should come out with a t-shirt line.  Random.

Anyway, whether you knew or didn’t know, the Kids dropped an EP recently entitled Hard Times.  The 7 song EP is only available physically (for now) in local stores.  Actually, the only place I know where you can purchase at the moment is Sir & Madame (938 N. Damen).  I’m not sure if Hard Times will see a national or iTunes release, but Demo is doing one hell of a job so I’m sure you’ll end up seeing it sooner or later.  Either way, hit the jump for the tracklist and to catch a pic of the group, styled by Brian & Autumn at Sir & Madame, for Antenna Magazine.  Keep an open eye for this group if you haven’t been paying attention.

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