March 2011


Video: Wiz Khalifa Takes Chicago

Brought to you by: Elephilms x Smash Brothers x Atlantic Records

Last week, Wiz K hit the Chi to preview his album Rolling Papers (in stores now!) as well as do radio and print promo.  The good folks at Elephilms and Smash Brothers documented Wiz’s stay in the Chi and captured it all on film.  Er..or digitally.

Appearances from GLC, DJ Pharris and The Cool Kids

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Project Mayhem – Legends of the Fall

I have some good news for Project Mayhem diehards such as myself: Middle America finally drops on April 19th.  It’s been a long coming.  The Mayhem Machine project dropped all the way back in October 0f ’09, so we’ve had to wait for quite a while on a new full length.  I’ve heard mumblings that Middle America has stepped it up a notch and will even be better – featuring production from Tony Baines, Tye Hill and Tree.  Look for the official tracklist to drop in the coming days.

Project Mayhem – LEGENDS_OF_THE_FALL_3

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